Would highly recommend skipping this on your travels

Matt P - Trip Advisor

"I wouldn't be surprised if their reaction to this review is one of defiance and the middle finger." 
Leilamiles- Trip Advisor
“Come on, you're dressed like kids but you're actually in your late thirties and still working in a rather tired, seedy cafe!”

TravellingladyD - Trip Advisor

“Vile, Cringe & Pretentious”

Ellen Sarah - Trip Advisor

“I find the interior a bit too odd, they've got weird dolls and fluffy toys staring at you whilst your trying to relax”

MimiVanHoven - Trip Advisor

"The music is always too loud and one has to shout above the music to be heard.”

ray b - Trip Advisor

“Apparently this place used to be great, it's hard
to imagine that now. I've been twice now and
both times sucked. ”

Ellen Sarah - Trip Advisor

"I just don't get the appeal"

Scott C - Yelp review

"The worst coffee shop I have ever been to"

Joy C - Yelp review


52 Ship Street, Brighton

 BN1 1AF